Directorate Of Estates

Information About Catch the Rain-2020

Following activities will be done in GPRA Colonies, GPOA Office Buildings, Holiday Homes and Touring Officers Hostels:

• Plantation Activities – Plantation Drive.

• Rain Water Harvesting Structure - Construction and Augmentation.

Plantation Activities: The Plantation drive will be carried out in Bungalows and in other Colonies in Delhi, Regions, GPOAs, Holiday Homes
and Hostels. During the plantation following points to be kept in mind:

• Priority for Medicinal plants

• Plantation in open spaces, boundary walls, backyard, fences etc.

• Plantation preferably on Saturday, Sunday.

• Mass/ community participation by wide publicity through social media/SMS to RWAs/allottees.

Rain Water Harvesting: Construction and Augmentation of Rain Water Harvesting Structures in all over India in Delhi,Regions, GPOAs,
Holiday Homes and Hostels.

"During the activities, Guidelines of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare such as Wearing Mask, Social distancing etc may be strictly followed."